Artists’ Bonfire

Islington Mill, Salford.



Artists’ Bonfire, Manchester.

Jan 2011, Jan 2012

Role- Founder, director, artist.

The Artists’ Bonfire is an art incineration event providing a nationally shared platform for discussion and activism for all artists.

“Michael Landy’s Art Bin trumped by Manchester Artist’s Bonfire”- Artlyst

The second annual artists’ bonfire was supported by Castlefield Gallery and Arts Council England, a video was commissioned by artplayer tv which you can view here

This is an event for artists by artists, however you identify with the word. In the absence of our art we will rethink our relationships to it and to each other at a time when the country is re evaluating art in economic terms. Each artist has equal stake in the collective outcome and the discussion that is generated by each burning.

The Artists’ Bonfire is unapologetic about the more obvious connotations such as; strike, destruction and renewal but it is also open to new interpretations, be they political or personal or both. All viewpoints are encouraged… including those opposed to burning art.

We join in a festival of flux.


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