An Evening of Action

South Square Gallery- Bradford, UK.

An Evening of Action

Jul 2011

Collaboration with Jenny Core

Live action, objects (2 hours).

“In contemporary art the everyday object is still very much present but is perhaps familiar in new ways. The line between what is everyday and what is an art object is blurred artists such as Fischli and Weiss carefully sculpt crumpled paint tubes and Edgar Schmidt works with the materiality of ‘exhibition apparatus’.

Under the term ‘relational aesthetics’ Bourriaud explains artists as facilitators rather than maker’s and artist as giving audiences access to power and the means to change the world. Boris Groys explains it is OK for the artist to act as curator but not for the curator to create the art.”

With this in mind this work explored the point of creation and the importance of whom physically provokes it. By shifting the balance and subverting the usual mode of production we will experiment with producing art within an exhibition environment.

By staging collections of objects that would viably exist in the art space environment we facilitated moments of creation and released control over an action and/or idea. These collections were placed within the non art spaces of the gallery- the outdoor area, the bar, the bathrooms and the doorway.

Approximately 10 local actors of different age groups were staged as ‘audience members’ and engaged with the objects. It was difficult to distinguish between the actor and the viewer as people mimicked and examined each other’s behaviours. This was not to undermine the viewer in any way but rather to stage control and lack of control in the same context.

A sense out of nonsense, a language and a logic that did not previously exist, was created.