Make A Break

Propellart, East Street Arts, Union 105- Leeds, UK.

Make A Break 

Nov 2010

Video, A6 Postcards, A5 Brochure.

This work originally looked at utilising stolen (traditionally) non arts based modes of communication to explore notions of experience, validity, truth and identity. However the work was experimental in nature.

“Make A Break Holidays aims to corrupt any straightforward way of working that relies on a stable, non-relational sense of self.  Within this usual modes of producing content and subsequently viewing are shifted and roles are changed. You might say the substance or ‘art’ is removed whilst the surrounding areas are highlighted.”

I removed the possibility of a firsthand experience by sending my Dad on my Boatelier residency. This draws into question the validity of the artist’s firsthand experience opening up the possibility of unforeseen experiences of which the artist can but report back on.