43rd Birthday Party

Queer Art Show, Kraak Gallery- Manchester, UK

43rd Birthday Party

Aug 2010

Live space, DJ, buffet, 90’s music, pub chairs.

2 Hours

43rd Birthday Party re visited a family party situation constructed from memory delivered to the viewer in the form of a functioning party set in the early 90’s within the gallery space. This included sausage rolls, text, moving image and performance. By placing my own past within the piece I explored the experience of how homosexuality can make a person an outsider within their own family environment.

“Responisveness, confidence in taste and ability and intuitive ‘reading’ of the audience are areas widely regarded as crucial defining characteristics of DJing. These characteristics are also crucial to this work as the audience are invited to interact with this semi controlled situation where fact and fiction appear in the same context simultaneously protecting the artist from having to communicate one on one with the viewer whilst at the same time baring inner workings of the artist’s process.”