Emellee Pasov

Manchester School of Art, Fine Art Degree Show.

Emellee Pasov was created over the last year and a half of my art school education.

I was at art school with a broken heart, it was perfect. I made personal work for the first time and I started writing. I made very unapologetic and honest work about my relationships with women since being a child leading up to having my heart broken for the first time. I wrote letters to my mother, I visited the council estate in Washington Tyne and Wear where I was sexually abused by a woman, I documented fleeting love affairs/online flirting and one night stands and showed it all during assessment at uni with photographs of myself with alcohol poisoning and my teenage diaries. I think I scared a number of my fellow course mates,  I let go of all restrictions I had put on myself as an artist.

I continued to study identity and truth through my 3rd year and up until the degree show with this piece named Emellee Pasov who was a fictional character I created from character traits stolen from fake friends on facebook. This piece drew a stark contrast to the honest and personal work I had been doing preceding this. Emellee Pasov is an anagram for LOVE ME PLEASE and was a platform to explore what we give and what we take from those around us. I placed Emellee in people’s lives on facebook and attempted to use the right found information via online profiles to make people believe they had met her in real life. The project lasted a year and a half in total and ended with an actress bringing life to Emellee and going on a night out- putting this constructed personality in practice with strangers.

Emellee existed for one night and was almost fallen in love with.