Too Much Project

Too Much was a research and development project by artist Rosanne Robertson focusing on mental health and the modern condition of anxiety resulting in the development of newly exhibited assemblage, sculpture, performance and sound art work.

These works were  exhibited with The Penthouse at Sluice__ at Oxo Tower Wharf, Southbank (London) at On High Alert for Unfold (Leeds) on the occasion of British Art Show 8  and performed at Zarata Festival (Madrid), WUR Bradford self publishing fair and at Manchester Art Gallery for What IS She Wearing/Instigate Arts. A 7 track album of sound pieces from the project were released by experimental London based label Fractal Meat Cuts with radio play from NTS- Fractal Meat on Spongy Bone and Resonance Extra- Theater of the Ears. Two self published works were produced and sold as part of this project- the Too Much booklet and the Influence zine.

This period of research and development culminated in two weekends of open studio at The Penthouse artist led project space with 7 track album launch and one off performance spanning the roof and project space of The Penthouse.

The project was supported by Arts Council England, Instigate Arts and The Penthouse. 

Artworks developed for Too Much:

Too Much concertina book

Handmade stitched concertina book with ink and pencil drawings, thread and metal stitching . Exhibited October 2015 at Sluice_ Art Fair, Oxo Tower Wharf- Southbank, London.

This one off hand made book presents small ink and pencil drawings stitched together to form a concertina book. These visual explorations touch on internal small spaces that harbor intricate fears and uncomfortable feelings regarding the body and the physical affects of anxiety caused by an array of external forces.

This work is available for sale via Rosanne Robertson’s online shop.

Too Much booklet

Self published booklet. 24 page A5 full colour booklet, printed on 120gsm recycled matt stock. Limited Edition of 50 with 2 free audio downloads. £10 via online shop.

This booklet presents copies of small ink and pencil drawings from the original stitched together concertina book produced as part of the project.


Held assemblage

Assembled sculpture HELD at On High Alert- Debbie Sharp’s project space as part of UnFold Leeds on the occasion of British Art Show 8. Assemblage and sculptural works from project includes series of works using found objects and assemblage depicting raw states of heightened emotion, social anxiety, depression- stripped back to bare parts- unable to be depicted in words.

Materials- found metal, artificial hair, nylon, metal spring, black plastic straws.


Idealism (series)

Ink on newsprint.

Idealism is a numbered series of works depicting masses of bodily features drawn in an automatic state from memory, physical feelings and heightened emotional states.

This series of drawings titled Idealism continue the theme of anxiety and mental health bringing into question the relationship between the mind and the body and links between mental and physical health.


Do Not Hesitate to Touched


Exhibited at Sluice__ 2015, Southbank (London).

Materials- black coir hair, artificial hair, metal springs, large upholstery spring.



Live performances from the project titled Masquerade/ performed in collaboration with Debbie Sharp and /Murmuration performed at Sluice_ 2015 (left) and Premonition performed at Zarata Festival (Madrid). Using found objects, vocals, electronics, motors, artificial hair. Preliminary works to the final Too Much Performance piece.


Hit On (series)


Mixed media (ink, artificial hair, thread and metal wire on sandpaper). Framed in glass and lead circular frames (18cm diameter).

Titles (left to right)
Hit On (Twinned)  Hit On (Swinging)Hit On (Bolster) Hit On (Miss One) Hit On (Nest)

The Hit On series are made during and of heightened emotional states and periods of mania- over activity comes up against boundaries and restraints of form. Using sand paper to mimic an itchy unsettling sensation and techniques such as stitching paired with an aesthetic speaking of delicate works of embroidery, glass or even microscopic plates these works present a magnified moment of overload caught in a still image.

These works are original and priced at £80 on sale from the online shop- each fully framed with metal chain for hanging.

By collecting an artwork from this project you can continue to supporting the development of new work.

Open Studio Event/ End of project 

Follow this link for a collection of details, images of the final project event.

Follow this link for a video made by Rainy Day productions of the open studio event.