The Penthouse


blk PHPH postcard front 3The Penthouse An artist led Queer|Dyke art project and space in Manchester founded and ran by artists Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp.

Described as ad hoc art space the Penthouse…is the best of the Northern Quarter in Tony Naylor’s Alt City Guide to Manchester (The Guardian) as Elevating Manchester’s underground to the top floor of a tower block by Frances Morgan (The Wire) and as The hands on environment is unlike any other in the city, and encourages experimentation like nowhere else by Charlotte Davies (The Skinny).

The Penthouse is ironically named as a political statement against the idea of art as luxury commodity and the artist as the producer within this exclusive club. The Penthouse is a place to get your hands and heads dirty, our ideas fly from the rooftops into the city around us. Queery everything.

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