Idealism I (details) 2015

Ink on newspaper

Idealism is a numbered series of works depicting masses of bodily features drawn in an automatic state from memory, physical feelings and heightened emotional states as part of project Too Much.

Rosanne’s current research and development project was awarded Arts Council England Grants for the Arts and focuses on mental health and the modern condition of anxiety resulting in the development of newly exhibited assemblage, sculpture, drawing, performance and sound art work. She has performed work from the project at Zarata Festival (Madrid), Sluice Art Fair (London), presented the project at WUR BRADFORD and exhibited sculpture HELD at Debbie Sharp’s project space for ‘A Packet of Crisps and a Bottle of coke as part’ of UnFold Leeds on the occasion of British Art Show 8. The project includes series of works using found objects and assemblage depicting raw states of heightened emotion, social anxiety, depression- stripped back to bare parts.

This series of drawings titled Idealism continue this theme bringing into question the relationship between the mind and the body and links between mental and physical health.


These works are to be exhibited at the Too Much open studio at The Penthouse project space in April 2016- information to follow.