Appendage & Bond

Appendage & Bond


Performance & Sculpture (found metal, cotton, nylon, hair, skin, flesh, bone, plastic).

Appendage & Bond is a sculptural work activated and reworked by the body in performance with  an arrangement  of acoustic sound making. Produced as part of research and development project Too Much focusing in on the modern condition of anxiety and combining materials and sculptural arrangements that depict raw and open parts of the body- clothed and unclothed- this work magnifies abstracted bodily sections as if to look for the small intricate fear  hidden within small spaces of the body.

This video documenting the work was filmed and edited by Sophie Broadgate.

Appendage & Bond was installed and performed at Manchester Art Gallery for Wonder Women festival in celebration of International Women’s Day 2106 for What is She Wearing? event curated by Instigate Arts.


Too Much project is supported by Arts Council England- Grants for the Arts