Secret Momentum

Experpt of Secret Momentum by artist Rosanne Robertson as part of the The Last Case of George Cecil Ives (1867 – 1950) – an Arts Council England funded project by artist Jez Dolan.

As part of the project Rosanne Robertson was commissioned to make a new sound installation. This piece is a short sound piece made of a collage of recordings of various structure borne sounds aiming to give life to a fictional interior inspired by the research and archives related to the project. The sounds reminiscent of shuffling, small movements in personal space, of working and writing are giving momentum to something secretive- a feeling that something is happening under the surface. This gives the feel for the palette of sounds being used for the over all sound installation at the end of the project.

Sound sources include various wooden and metal surfaces, wooden boxes, chair, clock chime mechanism, pencil & paper and small motors on surfaces.