YES LAD, YES LASS 2016 The Baltic Contemporary Art Centre (Gateshead) 

Two-channel video, sound, various written works by Barry Finan on paper, wooden plinth, metal frame, various found object assemblage by Rosanne Robertson.

h- 160cm, w- 120cm d- 40cm

5′.00” (looped) Collaborative mixed media video installation


Two body’s of work meet and invite the viewer/listener to take their place between the two artists to complete the conversation. The conversation is brought together in various parts- via written word, object, video and sound. The conversation is not straight forward but rather layered and repeated over time mirroring the process of working together and understanding how we relate to each other over time.

Double Negative: Review

“The very nature of the outsider is questioned…”

The idea of a body of work is relevant to both artists in different ways- Barry Finan’s body of work is a piled collection of tireless writing and rewriting- depicting ambitions, life time goals, achievements, freedoms and restrictions. Rosanne Robertson’s body of work- a bodily assemblage joining together broken points in order to connect again- a process of disconnection and movement. Both a communication- with words and without- an action that is very personal, vital and empowering. The title of this work is taken from the writing of Barry Finan in which he repeatedly reassures himself or others that “YES LAD you can write everyday for ever more now” or “YES LAD you can get an acting paid job on the BBC”. Rosanne Robertson joins Barry to say “YES LASS…”, in a dialectic reference to being from Sunderland in the North East of England, “…you can make art everyday for ever more now”- joining the two artists equally in their ambitions, confirming the strength in collaboration and making those connections be it between words or objects or people.

Artists Rosanne Robertson and Barry Anthony Finan met and collaborated on OutsiderXchanges- a collaborative visual arts project exploring inter-responsive visual arts practice. The project brought together 6 learning disabled artists and 6 emerging artists, to examine disability arts aesthetic and investigate its place within the contemporary visual arts world.

See Barry and Rosanne’s video collaboration with Martin Livesey from their preliminary studio project SCRRIPTT in which they read to each other from Barry’s writing- exploring spoken word, performance and sound recording- a process during the OutsiderXchangeS project which has informed this final exhibited work.

Double Negative: Review

“The very nature of the outsider is questioned…”

Corridor 8: OutsiderXchanges Overview 

“I recently attended one of the best art events I’ve been to in a very long time…”