Micro Momentum

The Whitworth Art Gallery

Micro Micro Revolution, CFCCA / The M+ Sigg Collection: Chinese Art from the 1970s to now. 

Exploring ideas of noise and silence applied to approaches of revolution demonstrated in the 3 projects of Micro Micro Revolution curated by Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art artist Rosanne Robertson explores the implications of loudness and quietness both politically and spiritually with her newly commissioned performance sculpture Micro Momentum for 30 Years of Chinese Art at The Whitworth Art Gallery.

Micro Momentum is a performance, sculpture and chance composition focussing on the act of something small that gains strength via motion and time- amplified by action. Using seeds, clock parts, chimes and found objects as sound sources this performance sculpture is activated by the body via an electrical circuit which sounds varying surfaces with the use of vibration motors.

Performed live as a 45 minute piece at The Whitworth Art Gallery on Saturday 4th July 2015.