Masquerade // Murmuration

Masquerade // Murmuration

Sluice, October 2015, Oxo Building- Southbank (London).

Masquerade // Murmuration is a two person show by artists and founders of The Penthouse Debbie Sharp and Rosanne Robertson with a mini accompanying sound and performance program.

Masquerade / by Rosanne Robertson exhibits inner forces and discord that manifests in relationships with and between objects, assemblage, costume, sound and performance sculpture. Freedoms and limits are demonstrated against each other in compositions celebrating form amongst chaos and chaos amongst form. Interactions and improvisations with assemblage and performance sculpture punctuate the exhibition and roam Sluice 2015.

/ Murmuration by Debbie Sharp exhibits external forces of nature and physics with silent investigations via internal structures of sound and matter with works that are drawn from the darkness of existence in-between life and death.


Image 1 RR
Masquerading Objects, Rosanne Robertson.
Image 2_DS (1)
Murmuration 1, Debbie Sharp.

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