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Feature/Interview: The Wire. By Frances Morgan.

Noise Above Noise

the wire at oto

curated by Rosanne Robertson featured in The Wire with a focus on artist directors of The Penthouse- Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp.

“Performance series Noise Above Noise elevates Manchester’s underground scene to the fifth floor of a tower block”.

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Rosanne Robertson’s live work ‘Point Attachment Attachment’ featured on The Wire online. 

“…the discovery that she could experiment with sound was political in itself…Now sound is a central part of her work with objects and performance, and improvisation is a way of exploring a fascination with “deviance”.”

Watch live piece featured on The Wire here 




Disconcert, Manchester. By Kelly Jones. disconcert img

“Rosanne Robertson, Manchester artist and co-founder of The Penthouse, a challenging artist residency and performance space… speaks to Kelly Jones.

I recently saw you perform at Penthouse HQ. I found it both challenging in a positive way and disconcerting. Can you describe your approach in a live context?”


Interview:Young Artists in Conversation. By David McLeavy

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“Rosanne Robertson works within sound, performance, video and sculpture. Her work continuously pushes the boundaries in terms of what these various mediums can achieve in traditional and obscure settings.”

Young Artists in Conversation is  an online platform consisting of a series of interviews with the most exciting young Artists and Designers from around the UK.

corridor 8

Review: Risk Assessment-  Whisper Residency, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art for Corridor 8. By Lauren Velvick. 

“the act of shaving is amplified and grows monstrous with the use of blades and saws alongside shavers, whilst disembodied hair appears as a dead thing. Yet, the gentle and vulnerable act of singing contradicts such violent imagery, and it remains unclear whether the risk will pay off.”

Corridor8 is an annual international journal of contemporary visual arts and writing based in the North of England.


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Feature: Doodlebug Selects Rosanne Robertson for Dazed Digital- “pick of the city’s emerging ones”. Dazed and Confused. By Carol Huston.

“For me Rosanne’s very much a ‘doodlebug’, that is to say, a provocateur who tirelessly works across all platforms, creating work by any medium necessary and who works beneath the skin”