A Small Stage for Bodily Objects

For Posterity, Castlefield Gallery.

February 2015

Assemblage of found objects, movement and sound.

Record player, black chord, synthetic hair, elasticated wire, mustard seeds, pins, matches, various collected objects including bell, piece of bark, marbles, discarded metal and other unknown objects.

Pre recorded sound installed on two sets of stereo speakers.

Live action and sound with assemblage at Castlefield Gallery as part of the exhibited work performed on 12.02.15 for 45 minutes.

Rosanne Robertson’s work engages with the physicality of making, unmaking and arranging with a heightened focus of the eye and ear on the relationship between body, space, motion and object. Her interest in noise as a bi product of everyday life which is ever present but avoids full attention results in a familiar yet unsettling approach to sound making. Her relationship to noise comes in the form of  something unstable and relentless. A small Stage for Bodily Objects holds the presence of this tension- which is then temporarily tampered with in a live performance and then left absent of bodily connection again.