Call and Response

The John Rylands Library

16th October, 6pm – 7.30pm

Call & Response is a series of sound explorations created in response to work in CFCCA’s Harmonious Society exhibition, as part of the Asia Triennial Manchester 2014. The second of these sound explorations brings together three North England based artists Kelly Jones, Rosanne Robertson and Naomi Kashiwagi.

Performances start at 6pm

Naomi Kashiwagi – 6 to 6.30pm

Kelly Jones – 6.30 to 7pm

Rosanne Robertson – 7 – 7.30pm

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art- website 

John Rylands directions



Silence can be described as inaction- but what of the charge and energy of silences- the resonance of the action that went before it and the potential energy of what is to come?

Interludes is a project by Rosanne Robertson consisting of a period of listening research followed by a performance for the unique acoustic environment of John Rylands Library. Taking artist Samson Young’s short essay Decay, Resonance, Auditory Space (2013)- a short essay meditating on the sonic dreamscapes that follow an articulation of sound- and the artists work for ATM14- as a starting point Robertson will perform a series of interludes inviting focus between the sound making in a form of reverse performance which will increase in silence towards its end point- a decrescendo.

In her performance work Robertson uses varying layers and levels of rehearsal, structure and improvisation playing with the space for spontaneity and sharing the heightened energy of live decision making with an audience. Using arrangements of found objects and installed self made instruments physically in a space- objects and their sound qualities are activated by the body- systematically in a form of ritual. For this performance the resting body and still objects between sound making will form part of this exploration of action and silence.