Selected Sound| Blister Strip

Object and Voice Box series.
#1 Blister Strip

In this series of works I use one object to extract sound in whichever way I can- adding only vocals to the composition. For this piece a blister sleeve was used- Blister sleeves are the little plastic and foil packets that hold tablets. There are no effects put on these works- just simple layering in some parts. The packet and my voice box were recorded with contact mic, percussion mic and vocal mic.

I have renamed the piece of landscape in Trelex, Switzerland (image taken during Trelex residency Summer 2013) – The Blister Strip- I like the idea of a landscape popping and unfolding.
This piece is available to listen to/see for free for a limited time via youtube- as well as this it is available to buy for £1.50 via my Bandcamp

released 09 October 2013