Selected Work| A Sublime Fuss

Equals, Blank Space, Manchester

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The Man


Is not a man

Is not A man

Is not Human

He is a system ran by many men and supported by both men and women. He is a system that smoothes over the cracks and creates a hush hush of any fuss fuss. A system whose violence is quiet- almost silent. Systematic hidden violence protects capital from those who threaten it with their humanity. The money making power hungry confident hush hush does not like a fuss fuss.

Opposition against the silent man in the form of a noise making woman is both symbolic and a very real threat.

A Fuss- A state of excessive and unwarranted concern over an unimportant matter.

A Fuss- An objection; a protest.

My work ‘A Sublime Fuss’ starts with a murmur- the simmering of the everyday- a little fuss about nothing with the potential of something else. The potential situation, the potential noise, the potential threat. Turning it into something with momentum and shared purpose.

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During Equals Live ‘A Sublime Fuss’  takes spontaneity and the space for risk and shares that heightened energy of live decision making with the audience. In a system where women have been deemed (and still are) hysterical/dangerous if they speak or act out- spontaneity and expression is the real tool of opposition.  This work  honours this space and interaction via looped sound making with household objects, tools, implements and weapons including my voice.

Reworked by sound and action the situation is left open as a sound installtion.

Open until 28th July 2013

Blank Media exhibiton url 

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