Selected Work| How to Unlearn Being Scared of Climbing Trees. 2012

Wonder[ment] Residency, Alexandra Arts.

How to Unlearn Being Scared of Climbing Trees

Residency with live action investigation

September 2012

7 days trying to climb with 5 hour intermittent live climb

During my residency for Wonder[ment] I used my time as a training period during which, rather than learn to climb trees, I attempted to unlearn being scared of climbing trees of investigate what this means. This work is part of an on-going project ‘A Space to Fail/Fly and then Die’ in which physical and psychological apparatus are put into the ring together in a quest for freedom and a triumph over the hole in the ground so many of us live in fear of ending up in.

Growing older brings with it growing restrictions, we play less, and we imagine less. I aim to counteract these often useless restrictions we place on ourselves by trying. If we don’t try, we may avoid failure, but we may also never fly; everyone should fly before they die.

During this training period the process was documented by filmmaker Pablo Melchor to create a video ‘How To Unlearn Being Scared of Climbing Trees’ made up of experiences, failures and triumphs during the residency/training period. A final tree climb was then performed on September 30th for the Wonder(ment) event intermittently throughout the day long event.