Selected Work| An Evening of Dissatisfaction With Free Gifts. 2011, 2012

Islington Mill- Salford, UK.

An Evening of Dissatisfaction With Free Gifts

Jul 2011 until Jul 2012

Memory box, donated objects of monetary value, performance, wine, free dog relaxation music.

2 hours and then

1 year and then

2 hours

This piece was constructed of free gifts donated from commercial businesses and from my memory box. During this performance participants were invited to take an object of monetary value or an object of sentimental value. The objects of important sentiment were taken from my memory box which contained objects such as my first shoe and teenage love letters. I sporadically left participants and their new objects to play 30 second free clips of dog relaxation music. Individuals were asked to return these items to me at Islington Mill one year to the day at the same time.

One notable exchange was my first shoe being taken by artist Alison Ward who has returned to New York and then Texas with my shoe and returned it by post one year later.

One year later some of my belongings returned, some did not. An annual act of trust.